2016 High Roller – Oil Slick & Matte Black

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The High Roller is the nicest out of box scooter of 2016, packed with aftermarket quality parts you just can’t go past.

Weight 11.6 kg
Dimensions 81 × 30 × 61.5 cm

Tech Specs

  • Ride Grips – Classic multi-lined medium / soft grip + 858 bar ends
    Schematic: 150mm in length
  • High Roller Bar – Patent reinforced two toned aluminium bar. This might just be the strongest aluminium bar on the market and it comes on your complete!
    Schematic: 580 x 660mm
  • Clamp – CNC Ribbed double clamp for an unbeatable grip.
  • Deck – The High Roller deck is unbelievably comfortable under your feet, with a long neck tube keeping you nice and stable on those manuals. Grinding in a sinch on this deck, 4 grind rails running parallel down the deck to keep you locked in and stable.
    Schematic: 120 x 520mm
  • Fork – The High Roller fork is simple to compliment the chic overall look of the scooter.
    Schematic: I.H.C Forged fork x CNC
  • Wheels – Rocking the new 120mm Slik Rik wheels you’ll be flowing around the streets or in the park with ease. With non-slip technology, it would be hard to find a nicer wheel that’ll withstand those gnarly stunts.